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Searching the Clause Library

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Search option in the Document Assembly feature is used to locate the clauses in the Clause Library that can be used to edit a MS Word document.  You can search for a clause using a name, keyword, value, phrase, or text string.  Searching a clause is not limited to the text in the body of the clause, but extends to the fields that are used to capture the clause: Clause NameDescription, Type, Category, and Security level.   For example, entering "High Security" (in quotes) as the search criteria will display all clauses whose Clause Security field is populated with this term.

  A user must have the Word Add-In Access permission to search the Clause Library, and the Word Plug-in must be installed before the Clause Library can be accessed and searched in MS Word.

1.  Open the MS Word document that needs to be updated with clauses from the Clause Library.

2.  In the Conga Word Plugin section of the screen, enter your Conga Contracts login name and password, and click Login.

3. (Optional) When the Plugin section of the screen refreshes, click Allow.


4. When the Plugin section of the screen refreshes a second time, search for the clause:

  • Enter a name, keyword, phrase, value, or text string in the Search field.
    • For example, enter Governing Law to locate any clause that contains both the words Governing and Law.

The search criteria can appear in the name or body of the clause, as well as in any of the program fields used to capture the clause. A clause search is not case-sensitive.

  • (Optional) Use quotes and the Pipe symbol ( | ) to return specific results.  For example, enter:
    • "Governing Law" to locate any clause with the phrase Governing Law.
    • Governing | Law to locate any clause with the word Governing or the word Law.
  • Press the ENTER key on your keyboard.

5. When the matches for your clause display, locate the clause by scrolling through the list.

6.  (Optional) Drag-and-drop the clause into the Word document using Steps 6-9 in Updating a Word Document Using the Clause Library.