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Editing a Payment Stream

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A payment stream can be edited by updating the information captured for a payment record, adding another payment record to the stream, or deleting a record from the stream.

If you have created a payment forecast for a payment stream, regenerate the forecast whenever you update the payment stream by clicking the Generate Rows button after clicking the stream's icon in the Payments screen.

1.  Open the Contract Profile with the payment stream that requires editing.

2.  Click the Payments link in the Links section of the screen.

3.  In the Payments screen, locate the payment stream, and click its icon.

4.  When the screen displays in edit mode, edit a record in the payment stream by clicking in a field to enable it.

  The only fields that are not editable are Created By, Created On, and Stream, which are used in payment forecasting.

5.  (Optional) Add a record to the stream by clicking the Add Payment button in the toolbar.

  • When a blank payment record displays, click inside each field and provide the requested information.

6.  (Optional) Delete a record from the stream by clicking its Icon Delete.png icon.

7.  Click Save.

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