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Editing a Payment Forecast

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A payment forecast can be edited by updating the information in any of the forecast records, manually adding a record to the forecast, or deleting a forecast record.  Alternatively, the current forecast can be replaced with a new system-generated forecast.

1.  Open the Contract Profile with the payment stream whose forecast requires editing.

2.  Click the Payments link in the Links section of the screen.

3.  In the Payments screen, locate the payment stream, and click its icon.

4.  When the screen refreshes with the forecasted information:

  •  Click in a forecast record field to enable it, and update the text or date.
  • (Optional) Add a record to the forecast by clicking the Add Item button in the toolbar.
    • When a blank forecast record displays, click inside each field and provide the requested information.
  • (Optional) Delete a record from the forecast by clicking its Icon Delete.png icon.

5. (Optional) Replace the forecast with a new system-generated forecast:

  • Click Icon Delete.png Remove All to clear the forecast records.
  • Populate the criteria fields to generate a new forecast: Start Date, No. of Payments, Frequency, and Amount fields, as well as the Incremental interval and Incremental Percentage fields if the payment will increase over time.
  • Click Generate Rows in the top toolbar.

You can also manually add a forecast by clicking the Add Item button in the toolbar and providing the information for individual forecast records.

7.  Click Save Payment Forecast in the toolbar.

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