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Adding a Product

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Information for a product associated with a contract can be added to the Contract Profile so that it is easily accessible or to provide supplementary information not furnished in the contract.

  If you add a product from the Products screen, it is also added to the Product Grid. Conversely, adding a product to the Grid will add it to the Products screen.

1.  Open the Contract Profile that needs the product information.

2.  Click the Products link in the Links section of the screen.

3.  In the Products screen, click New Product in the toolbar.

4.  When a blank product record displays, click inside each field and provide the requested information. Observe the following when populating three of the fields/lists:

  • Do not use a $ sign in the Product Price field.
  • If the correct unit is not in the Product Unit of Measure list, type the new unit directly into the field to add it to the list.
  • In the Product Classification list:
    • Click in the field to activate it, and then click to display a Product Classifications window.
      • (Optional) Click Search and clear the check box for Classification Code or Classification Name to filter the search by classification codes or names.
    • Enter a product classification code or name in the Search field, and click Icon Magnifyer.png.
    • In the filtered results, locate the correct classification code/name, and click on it to select it.
      • Remove a selected code/name by clicking its icon in the Classification list box at the top of the window.
    • Click Submit to close the window and populate the field.

5.  Click Save.

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