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Editing and Deleting Products in the Grid

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The information for several products can be updated from a central location using the Product Grid. The sort option in the Grid allows every field, except Product Classifications, to be sorted in ascending or descending order, making it easy to locate the product that needs to be updated or deleted.

1.  Open the Contract Profile that needs edits to its product information.

2.  Click the Products link in the Links section of the screen.

3.  In the Products screen, click Edit Product Grid in the toolbar.

  You can also edit and delete products from the Products browse screen.

4.  When the screen refreshes:

  • Edit a product field by clicking in it to activate it.
    • Type over existing text in a field or make a different selection in a list.
  • Update the Product Classification field as follows:
    • Click in the list to display a Product Classifications window.
    • Remove the existing classification by clicking its icon in the Classification list box at the top of the window.
    • Search for a new product product by entering its name or code in the Search field, and clicking Icon Magnifyer.png.
    • In the filtered results, locate the correct classification name/code, and click on it to select it.
    • Click Submit.
  • Delete a field by clicking its Icon Delete icon, and then clicking Yes in the Remove Product? prompt.
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