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Contract Documents

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Documents can be uploaded and stored in a Contract Profile to provide quick and easy access to the documents needed to conduct business, and create, negotiate, and revise contracts. A document stored in a profile can also be downloaded for review and revision, and then uploaded back to the profile. The Conga Contracts system tracks and identifies the revisions to a document so that the most recent version is always readily apparent and available for use. While any type of document can be uploaded to a profile, the Conga Contracts system was designed to work with MS Word and Adobe PDF files in performing the several tasks that the system can perform.

The tasks that can be performed for a document are available from two locations: Documents browse screen, which displays a list of all the documents stored in the Company, Contract, or Project Profile, and the Document Profile, which displays all the stored information on a single document.

You can perform the following tasks from the Documents browse screen:

You can perform the following tasks from the individual Document Profiles:

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