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Contract History

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The History screen in a Contract Profile contains three views:

  • History view records changes made to the default and additional fields in the Profile screen, and also tracks any flows that were set to run on the contract, but were invalidated by a user. 
  • Work Log History view displays a work record whenever a user creates or edits an event, sends a message, captures or edits an additional form, or adds a workflow to the profile. A work record is also created when a user downloads or edits a document; starts, edits, or completes a workflow step; completes a workflow or task; submits a document package for electronic signature; or closes a document package.
  • True-Up History view tracks when a true-up session was begun and completed, and also records the original and updated value for any field in the Contract/Company Profile that was updated during the True-Up process. 
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