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My Contract Approvals Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Approver permission allows you to review and either approve or decline the contract requests made by other users who do not have the permission to create Contract Profiles. Contract requests can also be made by Salesforce users who link to Conga Contracts so that the new contracts they negotiate can be managed in Conga Contracts once the terms of the contract are approved, a Contract Profile is created, and the final document is uploaded and stored in the Profile.

If you have the authority to approve contract requests, an Approvals link appears in your My Place menu. Selecting the link displays your My Approvals screen, where you can filter contract requests by status, type, and creation date.  Every contract request in your browse screen is accompanied by one or more icons, indicating the processing status of the request so that you can easily identify the pending requests from those that are being processed or were approved/declined.

From your My Approvals browse screen, you can: