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My Contract Approvals

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

If you have permission to approve any contract requests, these requests will be displayed in your My Approvals browse screen.


Navigation Toolbar

Click My Place to display the menu, and then click the Approvals link.

If the link is not present, you do not have permission to approve contract requests.

Contract Request records

View the contract requests pending your approval.

Reassignable list

Select All Reassignable to view only the contract requests that you can assign to another individual.  The default view, My Approvals Only, provides all the contract requests that you can approve.

Request Status multi-select list

Select one or more options in the list to change the default from all statues (no selection) to requests that have a status of Submitted, Processing, Declined, Accepted, and/or Draft.

The contract requests that are awaiting your approval have a status of Submitted.

Request Type multi-select list

Filter the types of contract requests that display by changing the default from all (no selection) to one or more of the contract request types created by your Administrators, and used as a template when users make a contract request.

  • Clear a selection by clicking on the selected item.

Created Within list

Filter contract requests by changing the default timeframe from all (no selection) to Past Year, Past 30 Days, Past 90 Days, or Past Week.

Search list Hover over the Search label until it turns blue Icon SearchList.png, and then click on it to display a list of searchable fields.  Click in the check box to the left of the fields you want to search.

Search field

Locate a request by typing the first few letters of the company name or request type name in the Search field, and clicking . To clear the filter, click .

 You can also search for a  contract request using any of the other fields in the Icon SearchList.png list.  For example, if you wanted to search for a request by the request number, you would ensure Request Number is selected in the Search list, and using a wild card (*), enter *00298 in the Search field.

Begin Processing Approval icon

Click to begin processing a contract request.

  If the  Icon Refresh Request.png icon is present, the contract request failed and is not available for review.  Click the icon to resubmit the locked request for the user so that you can review it.

Continue Processing Approval icon

Click to continue processing a contract request that has not been completed.

      The icon is also used to designate a contract request for a specific approver. The icon displays only for that approver.

Reassign Approval icon

Click to reassign the contract request to another approver.

Delete icon

Click to delete a contract request.

Decline Notes Reasons are provided by an approver when a contract request is declined.  However, an approver may allow a declined contract request to be resubmitted when the appropriate edits are made.

Contract request records display

Manage the display of information in the screen:

  • Update the columns that display using the Sort/Column menu.
  • Reorder and resize the columns to manage the display of information in the browse screen.
  • Sort the data in a column by clicking (toggling) on a column heading.