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Processing a Contract Request

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Processing a contract request involves reviewing the request, providing mandatory information for the contract, and assigning individual responsibilities associated with the contract. You can exit the contract approval process at any point prior to completing the process, and then resume the approval process at a later time.

When a contract request is approved, the user who made the request will receive an email message with the subject line Conga Contracts Contract Request Accepted and the email will contain links to the contract request and the Contract Profile.

  The approval process shown below is for a contract request that was created using an enhanced mode template, which is similar, but not identical to the approval process for a contract request that was created using a legacy mode template.

1.  Locate the contract request you want to process.

  • Click to initiate the process.
  • Click to resume the process that was initiated by you or another approver.

The con is also used to designate a contract request for a specific approver.  The icon displays only for that approver.


   If the  Icon Refresh Request.png icon is present for any contract request, the request failed and is not available for review, but you have permission to refresh and resubmit the request.  Click the icon to refresh the locked request.

2.  When the screen refreshes, process the request:

No action is required in the Company Name section if the company name displays as a link since a Company Profile already exists for the company. It is recommended that you click on the link to display the Company Profile and review any existing contracts with this company. To return to the approval process, click the Back button on your browser.

  • (Optional) Click the Change Company link if the company for the contract needs to be changed.
    • In the Select Existing Company prompt, click in the Company Name field to display a list of all the companies stored in Conga Contracts. Search for the company, and then click on the correct company name to select it.
      • Enter the first few letters of the company name in the Search field, and press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
  • (Optional) Click the Create New Company link if the request is for a company that does not have a Company Profile in Conga Contracts. When the screen refreshes and the new Company Profile screen displays, populate the required fields, and click Save.
  • Review the contract information for accuracy and completeness.
    • The contract request is divided into sections with blue headers, which denote the primary data captured for the contract, as well as sections with gray headers, which denote additional data for the contract.
  • Review any documents that have been attached to the request by clicking to download the document.
  • Use the links to accept or decline the individual forms in the contract request.
    • Accept Request link:
      • Contract Profile is created.  When the screen refreshes and the new Contract Profile screen displays, populate the required fields, and click Save.  Any documents attached to this form will be uploaded to the Contract Profile and can be accessed by clicking the Documents link in the Profile.
    • Decline Request link:
      • Decline Request dialog box displays.
        • Enter the reason(s) the request was not approved in the in the Decline Notes field.
        • (Optional) Select the Allow Resubmit check box to allow the user to resubmit the request after making the suggested changes.
        • Click Decline.

3.  (Optional) Click the Decline All link to decline the entire request, without having to individually decline each form.

  • Use the Decline Request dialog box to provide the user with reasons for not approving the request, as well as the option to resubmit the request.

4.  (Optional) Click the Cancel link to halt the review process before approving/declining the contract request.

  • Return to the request at a later time by selecting the icon for the contract request in your My Approvals screen.

5.  Click Save.