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Receiving a Response Email for a Contract Request

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

After you make a contract request in Conga Contracts, and the request has been reviewed, you will receive a system email that advises you whether or not your request has been accepted.

 From the email message, you can:

1.  View summary data for the contract request, including the advisory on whether the contract request was accepted or declined. The message will also contain information relevant to your request, including the name of the company, the name of the request, and the name of the person who reviewed your request.

  • If the request was approved, the email will contain a Go To Contract link to the Contract Profile screen where you can view the approved contract document, which is ready for the counter-party's signature.  There is also a link to your My Requests screen.
  • If the request was declined, the email will contain notes on why your request was declined, as well as a Go To My Requests link to your My Requests screen where you can make the appropriate changes and resubmit the request, if allowed.

2.  Click the Document Attachment link to download a copy of the contract request document.

3. Return to your My Requests browse screen and locate the contract request.

  • If the contract request was approved, the request will have a status of Accepted.  Select the icon for the request to display the Contract Profile screen, and view the captured information.  Click the Documents link in the Profile to view the approved document(s) for your request. If there is a flow associated with the type of contract you just created, the first stage and first step in the flow display at the top of the Profile screen.
  • If the contract request was declined, the request will have a status of Declined. View the Decline Notes for information on why the request was declined.  If you can resubmit the contract request after making the updates suggested in the Decline Notes, the icon will be present.