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Editing a Contract Request

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You can edit a contract request with a Draft status since the review process has not begun. You can also edit a contract request with a Declined status if the person who declined your contract request is allowing you to make revisions and then resubmit your request.  You can edit a request with a Submitted status if an approver has not begun the approval process, or you can cancel the request.

  The steps below show how to edit a contract request that was created using an enhanced template. The procedure is similar, but not identical, to the procedure for editing a contract request that was created using a legacy template.

1.  Click MyPlace in the Navigation Toolbar, and then click the Requests link.

2.  In the My Requests screen, locate the contract request you want to edit.


3.  Click one of the following icons, depending on the status of the contract request you are editing:

-  request has not been submitted (Draft status).

A contract request with multiple forms will have an  icon for the entire request, as well as the individual forms in the request.

  - request has been submitted, but processing has not yet begun (Submitted status).

If the  Icon Refresh Request.png icon is present, the contract request failed and has not been submitted.  Click the icon to resubmit the locked request.

-  request has been declined, but resubmitting the request is allowed (Declined status). 

If the request has more than one form, clicking the  icon may display a window bearing the name of the request form.  Click Re-open Request in the toolbar.

4.  When the My Requests screen redisplays, you can make any of the following edits:

  • In the Company Name section, change the company name by selecting and typing over the existing text to display a list of possible matches. Click on a match to select it and populate the field. You can also click in the list to display the Select a Company window to search all companies in Conga Contracts. Enter the first few characters of the company identifier in the Search field, and click .
    • If the company is not listed in the Select a Company window, enter the full company name into the field to add the company.
  • In each request type form section, edit the fields.
    • If the Approver list is present, you have the option of selecting another person to review your contract request.
  • In the Documents sub-section of a request type form, click Icon Delete to remove a document from the request, and click Icon SelectFile.png to upload a document to the request form.
  • In an Additional Form sub-section, which displays with a gray header that bears the name of the additional form linked to the contract request, edit the fields. 
    • To remove a linked additional form, click its Icon Delete Portlet.png icon.
    • To add an additional form, click the Add Additional [Form Name] Form link to insert a duplicate copy of the form into the contract request and populate the fields.

5.  Click Submit Request.

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