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Resubmitting a Contract Request

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

When you submit a contract request and that request is declined, you may have the ability to reopen the contract request and make the updates suggested by the individual who reviewed the request before re-submitting the contract request for approval.  It is recommended that you review the information in Decline Notes in the My Requests browse screen to identify the suggested updates needed to ensure the resubmitted contract request is approved.


1.  Locate the contract request you want to resubmit, and click its Icon Edit.png icon.

A contract request with multiple forms will have an Icon Edit.png icon for the entire request, as well as the individual forms in the request.

2.  In the My Requests screen, make the necessary edits for the enhanced or legacy contract request.

3.  Click Submit Request.

  If the  Icon Refresh Request.png icon is present, the contract request failed and has not been submitted.  Click the icon to resubmit the locked request.