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Projects Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Projects feature is used to create an individual standalone project that can store one or more Company Profiles, Contract Profiles, and/or documents in a central location so that you can access and edit the information stored in the Profiles and document files, allowing you to efficiently complete the project. You can participate in a project whenever you are designated as a member of the Project Team, or you can create a project where you are the only responsible party.

Projects DO NOT automatically grant Project Team Members will access to the Company/Contract profiles contained within the project. Team Members can only view the Contract/Company Profiles in the Project to which they have permissions to view via their assigned Role(s).

Whether you create individual projects or work as a member of a Project Team, you will be able to perform tasks, complete workflow (and flow) steps, access documents, capture additional forms, send messages from the Project Profile, and fill out scorecards to rate various aspects of the project.

Once a Company or Contract Profile is added to a project, any changes made to the Profile from within the project are automatically reflected in the individual Company or Contract Profile in Conga Contracts.  A project can be accessed from the individual Profiles of the companies and contracts stored in the project using the Projects link in the Company and Contract Profiles.

You can perform the following tasks related to your projects:

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