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Project Profile

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Project Profile provides basic information on a project, including the purpose of the project and the team (or individual) assigned to work on the project. The Profile also contains links to the documents uploaded to the profile, the additional forms used to capture supplementary information, and a history of the changes made to the project. From the Profile, you can add flows, workflows, and tasks to allocate responsibilities to yourself and other users, communicate with members of the team, and assign scorecards to rate various aspects of the project.

1.  Click MyPlace in the Navigation Toolbar, and then click the Projects link in the menu.

2.  In the Projects screen, locate a project and click a project record to display its Project Profile.

Project data Review the basic data captured for the project, including its description and its start and end dates.
Project Additional Fields section

Expand the section to review any custom fields, which are designed to capture additional information for the project.

Add Item button

Click to display a menu that allows you to add a Company Profile, a Contract Profile, or a folder to the project.

Folders are used to organize the data in a project when several different Company and Contract Profiles are needed.  Once you add a folder and name it, drag-and-drop the appropriate Company and/or Contract Profiles into the folder.

Company Profile links

Identify any Company Profiles in the project, which display the name of the company and contain the Icon Company.png icon.  Click on a link to display the Company Profile in a new tab.

Contract Profile links Identify any Company Profiles in the project, which display the contract number and contain the Icon EditProject.png icon. Click on a link to display the Contract Profile in a new tab.
Folder icon

Identify any folders that have been added to the project, which display with a distinctive name and contain the icon.  Click to the left of a project folder to display its contents.

Project links Use the links to add additional information to the project or review project data: Workflows, Documents, Tasks, Additional Forms, History, Scorecards, and Messaging.
Configure Icon

Click to display a Configure Links prompt. 

  • Clear the check boxes for all the links you want to remove from the Links section of the Profile.
  • Click Submit.

You cannot remove the Workflows or the Additional Forms links from a Project Profile.

Contract/Company Profile screen

Clicking on a Company or Contract Profile link in the Menu section of the screen displays the Profile in a separate tab in the Project Profile screen, and the tab reflects the company name or contract number.

Edit button

Click to edit the basic information for the project.

Delete button Click to delete the project.
Copy Project button Click to make a copy of the project.
Start Flow button Click to manually run a flow for the project.
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