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Running the Project Team Wizard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Project Team Wizard is used to select the members of a Project Team and define their level of access to the information stored in the project.  The wizard can be launched when you are adding a project or editing project information.

1.  From the Project Profile screen, click the Use Project Team radio button.

If you are not in the Project Profile screen, click MyPlace in the Navigation Toolbar, and then click the Projects link.  In the  Projects screen, locate the project that needs the Project Team, and click on its project record to display the Project Profile screen. Click Edit in the toolbar to display the Project Profile in edit mode.

2.  In the Project Team field, click to launch the Project Team Wizard.

3.  In the Project Team Wizard, click Next in the Welcome step.


4.  In the Team Member Selection step:

  • Click on a user's name in the Address Book to select them and display their name in the Team Members list box.
    • To quickly locate a user, type the first few letters of their first or last name in the Search field, and click . To clear the filter, click .
    • (Optional) To remove a user from the team, click their icon in the list box.
  • Click Next.


5.  In the Team Member Permissions step:

  • Select the appropriate permission check boxes for each team member:
    • Modify - ability to modify the project, including updating basic information and managing tasks, workflows, additional forms, scorecards, and messages. 
    • View Documents - ability to view the documents stored in the project.
    • Upload Documents - ability to upload documents to the Project Profile. 

This permission does not allow the team member to upload documents to the Company and Contract Profiles stored in the Project Profile.

  • Click Next.

6.  In the Create Project Team step, click Finish.

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