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Project Documents

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Project documents include those documents that are automatically added to the project whenever any of the Company and/or Contract Profiles added to the project have existing documents stored in their Profile. A document that is specific to the project must be added from the Documents screen in the Project Profile, which displays when the Documents link is selected. Project documents can also be added to a workflow, which is accessed from the Workflows link in the Project Profile. 

The tasks that can be performed for a document are available from two locations: Documents screen, which displays a list of all the documents stored in the Project Profile, and the Document Profile, which displays all the stored information on a single document.

You can perform the following tasks from the Documents screen:

  • View the documents stored in the Project Profile, along with summary information for each document.
  • Add a document. When adding a project document, the option window below displays since you can add a document to the Project Profile, as well as any of the Contract or Company Profiles housed in the project.

When you choose:

  • Select a contract or company radio button, a window displays with a list of the Contract and Company Profiles contained in the project. Once you select a profile, the document you add to the Company or Contract Profile is not only added to the Profile in the project, it is also added to the Profile in Conga Contracts.
  • Select the current project radio button, the document is limited to the Project Profile and only available to yourself and/or the members of your Project Team.

You can perform the following tasks from the individual Document Profile screens:

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