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Project Tasks

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A task assigns a single job to a user that must be accomplished by a specific date for a project.  A Task List is a series of single tasks that must be completed in a specific order and completed by one or more users on specified dates.  A task is automatically added to a Project Profile when any of the Company and/or Contract Profiles added to the project have existing tasks stored in their Profile.  A task that is specific to the project is added from the Tasks screen in the Project Profile, which displays when the Tasks link is selected.

   Workflows are enhanced Task Lists, which allow you to send messages from a step in the workflow. In addition, a workflow step can require one or more approvals before activating the next step. Therefore, it is recommended that you consider both Workflows and Task Lists and determine which option better suits your needs.

You can perform the following activities related to a project task:

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