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Project Scorecards

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A scorecard is used to rate a project's performance and/or value.  A scorecard is automatically added to a Project Profile when any of the Company and/or Contract Profiles added to the project have existing scorecards stored in their Profile.  A scorecard that is specific to the project must be added from the Scorecards screen in the Project Profile, which displays when the Scorecards link is selected.  A scorecard can be added to a project whenever the information in the Project Type and/or Project Group fields match the criteria defined in a scorecard designed by users with the Scorecard Admin permission.

The current scorecard rating for a project is displayed numerically in a color-coded score box () located in the upper right corner of the Project Profile header. This rating is calculated by Conga Contracts and reflects the average of all the scorecard values listed in the Scorecards screen. Score boxes are color-coded, depending on the average rating of all scorecards completed: 81-100 = green, 61-80 = yellow, 41-60 = orange, and 0-40 = red.

You can perform the following activities related to a project scorecard:

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