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Documents Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The documents uploaded to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile are viewed in the Documents browse screen and individual documents are managed from their Document Profile screen. The browse screen displays a list of all the documents stored in the Profile, along with summary data that can meet your at-a-glance viewing needs. The Document Profile screen that displays information for a single document, and allows you to perform several tasks for that document.

Documents stored in a Contract Profile typically include the fully executed contract and any supporting documents, as well as previous versions of the final document if the contract was negotiated in a document package or submitted for electronic signature. The Company  Profile typically stores documents such as insurance certificates and other certifications, financial data, and W-9 (Tax Identification Number) forms. Since the Project Profile can house both Contract and Company Profiles, the documents stored in these profiles are automatically added to the project when the profiles are added to the project. In addition, independent documents can be uploaded to the project, such as the fact sheets and financial data that serve as source materials in completing the project.

  Although the linked tasks below were written for a contract document, the steps in each task also apply to a company document or a project document.

You can perform the following tasks from the Documents browse screen:

You can perform the following tasks from a Document Profile screen:

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