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Document Profile

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Document Profile contains basic information for the document, including a description of the document, as well as its effective date and revision number.  If the document displayed in the Profile is a revision of an earlier document, it displays a number other than "1" in the File Revision field. The original document and all revisions are listed in the Revisions section of the Profile, where they can be downloaded for review.

The toolbar in the Document Profile contains several buttons that allow you to perform various tasks related to the document, such as editing, deleting, downloading, uploading revisions, and comparing revisions.

Open a Document Profile using the Elastic Search or launch it from the Documents screen in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the screen shot below, the components are the same in the Document Profile screen in a Company Profile and Project Profile.



Document data fields

Review the basic information captured for the document.

  • If the File Revision field displays a number other than "1," there are previous versions of the document stored in the Revisions section of the Profile.


Revisions section

Review the list of documents, which includes the original version and any revisions.

  • The most current version of the document appears at the top of the list, and its information displays in the Profile screen. To change the active document, click on another document version.


Download icon

Click to download a copy of the document.


New Document button

Click to add a new document to the Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

  • To add a revision to the current document, click the Upload New Revision button.


Edit Document Information button

Click to edit the document's information.


Process Documents button If present, click to manually process the clauses in the document.


Open in Word button

Click to launch the document in MS Word from inside Conga Contracts, where you can edit and save the document. 


Download Document button

Click to display a prompt that allows you to view or download the document.


Upload New Revision button

Click to upload a revision to the current document.


Compare Revisions button

Click to generate a comparison between two versions of the same document.


Preview button Click to display the document in a Preview window.
L Compare to Profile button If present, click to true-up the fields in the Contract Profile with the terms in a linked contract document.


Advanced menu

Click to display a menu with buttons for additional document-related tasks:

  • Delete Document - deletes the document.
  • Move Document -  launches the Move Document Wizard, which steps you through the process of moving a contract document from one profile to another.
  • Convert to PDF/Word toggle button - converts a MS Word document to PDF, or converts a PDF document to MS Word.

  If the Advanced menu is not present, click in the toolbar  to display the menu.


Back to Browse button

Click to return to the Documents screen.

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