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Previewing a Document

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A document stored in a Company, Contract, or Project Profile can be previewed in its Document Profile.  In the Preview window, you can scroll through the document or click on a thumbnail to jump to a page in the document.  You can also search the document to locate text or values, print and download the document, open the document in a new browser window, as well as open another document in the Preview window. Magnification icons allow you to increase or decrease the size of the document in the window.

   Although the Contract Profile is used in the screen shots below, the same steps also apply to previewing documents in a Company Profile and Project Profile.

1.  Open the Document Profile for the company, contract, or project document you want to preview.

  • To preview an earlier version of a document, click on its document record in the Revisions section of the screen to make the revision active.


2.  In the Document Profile screen, click Preview in the toolbar.

If the Preview button is not present, click    in the toolbar to display additional action buttons.


3.  In the Preview window, review the document using the scroll bar or click Icon Thumbnail.png to display thumbnails of the document pages, and click on a thumbnail to jump to the page.

4. (Optional) Use the icons in the toolbar to perform additional tasks, such as printing and downloading the document.

  • Click Icon Find.png to search the document for text or a value. Select the Highlight all check box to highlight all instances of the text or value in the document.

5.  Click Icon Close.png to close the Preview window.

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