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Converting a Document

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You can change the format of a Microsoft Word or a PDF document that is stored in the Documents screen linked to a Contract Profile. A Word document, which has been saved as either a DOC or DOCX file, can be converted to a PDF file. Similarly, a PDF file can be converted to a Microsoft Word document. However, an image-based PDF that is converted to Word cannot be edited in Word; only a text-based PDF file can be edited in Word after the conversion.

  Currently, this feature is only available for documents stored in a Contract Profile.

1.  Open the Document Profile for the contract document that needs to be converted to a different file format.

  • To convert an earlier version of a document, click on its document record in the Revisions section of the screen to make the revision active.

2.  In the Document Profile screen, click Advanced in the toolbar, and select Convert to PDF or Convert to Word. The option that displays depends on the format of the document you are converting.

If the Advanced button is not present, click    in the toolbar to display additional action buttons.

Conga Contracts converts the document to a PDF file, or a DOCX file, and displays the document as the next document revision.