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Document and eSignature Package Comparison

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You can create a document package by running the Document Package Wizard, which allows you to monitor the status of the package as the documents in the package move through different stages: (1) draft version of the contract (Current status) (2) negotiation of the contract (Checked Out/In statuses) (3) emailing of the contract to the signatory for electronic signature (Submitted status), and (4) distribution of the fully executed contract to all interested parties (Completed status).

Conga Contracts automatically creates a document package when a user runs the eSignature Package Wizard if one does not already exist.  However, the Package Description is eSignature package rather than document package, even though it is stored in the Document Packages screen. There are two other differences between a document package and an eSignature package: (1) Three of the four possible statuses apply to an eSignature package (Current, Submitted, and Completed) since the Checked In/Out statuses are reserved for contracts that needs to be negotiated and the eSignature Package Wizard is only used for contracts that are ready for electronic signature. (2) Conga Contracts automatically moves the eSignature package through the Current, Submitted, and Completed statuses, and therefore, user input is not needed to change the status of an eSignature package.

The flow chart below summarizes the status changes for both a document package and an eSignature package.

Doc Flow Chart