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Truing Up a Contract/Company Profile with a Document

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Users with the True-Up Access permission can select the fields in the Contract and Company Profile screens that they want to update using the variable information pulled from any version of a contract document linked to the Profile. 

If the contract document used in true-up modifies the information captured by an additional form in the Contract or Company Profile, the field in the form can also be updated so that it matches the information in the document.  In a later version of True-up, users will be able to highlight any special terms in a negotiated contract by storing the modified clauses in the Clauses screen in the Contract Profile. 

     The True up option is only available if the contract was originally created using the Creation Wizard. Revisions to the original document can be created by uploading modified MS Word files or by using direct editing.

1.  Open the Contract Profile whose fields you want to true-up.

2.  In the Links section of the screen, click the Documents link.

3.  In the Documents screen, locate the contract document you want to use, and click on it to select it.

The Filename must reflect a system-generated contract to ensure it was created by the Creation Wizard, and typically includes the contract number, followed by the name of the template used in the wizard.  For example, IND-GRA-13698-License.docx.

4.  In the Document Profile screen, click True-Up in the toolbar.

If the button is not present, click    in the toolbar to display additional buttons.

5.  In the Modal window, select the document version you want to true-up in the Document list.

6.  In the Preview window:

  • (Optional) Identify the fields in Conga Contracts program screens that differ from the variable information in the document, indicated by the Icon TrueUp.png icon.  Fields with matching information contain the Icon TrueUp2.png icon.
  • Click the Icon TrueUp.png icon for a field to true-up the information:
    • In the Field [Name] prompt, click Save to update the information in the Contract/Company Profile field, or the additional form field, with the information in the document.  Verify the Icon TrueUp.png icon changes to Icon TrueUp2.png, indicating the change has been made in the Profile.
      • Verify the Icon TrueUp.png icon changes to Icon TrueUp2.png, indicating the change has been made in the Profile.
    • Click Save And Continue to automate the display of prompts for both matching and mismatched fields.
    • Click Skip to leave the information in the Profile unchanged. 

7.  (Optional) Use the toolbar to perform additional tasks, such as paging through a document and zooming in on text.

  • Click Icon Find.png to search for text or a value in the document. Select the Highlight all check box to highlight all instances of the text or value in the document.

8.  Click Back to Document Profile, located at the top of the screen, to exit the Preview window.

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