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Event Profile

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Event Profile contains a description of the event, along with the notification and event dates, and the list of those notified about the event. Documents stored in the Event Profile are sent as attachments when the event alert (email message) is sent to the individuals on the notification list.

The toolbar in the Event Profile contains several buttons for performing tasks related to the event, such as editing, completing or closing, subscribing to, and deleting the event.

To access an Event Profile, locate the Contract Profile or Company Profile for the event, and click the Events link.

   Although the Contract Profile is used in the screen shot below, the components are the same in a Company Profile.



Event Name and  Description fields

Review the event name and a description of the event.

B Event Date field

Identify the date the event must be completed.

The status of an event is displayed in the Events screen. 

C Warn Days field Identify the number of days prior to the Event Date that Conga Contracts will send an event alert (email message) for the upcoming event.
D Notification Date field Field is auto-populated using the values in the Warn Days and Event Date fields (Notification Date = Event Date - Number of Warn Days).
E Notification List

Identify the individuals who will receive an event alert for the event.

  The event owner may assign a person on the list the task associated with completing the event.

F Notification Message field Review the message the event owner sent to those on the Notification List.
G Frequency fields Identify how often the event will occur, which is also how often Conga Contracts will generate event alerts to those on the Notification List.
H End Date field If populated, identify the last date on which an event alert is sent to those on the Notification List.
I Event Owner Identify the person who created the event and is responsible for completing the event or closing the event series.
J Set Reminder check box

If selected, review the information in the fields used to send a reminder event alert for the event.

  • Reminder Days - identify the number of days prior to the Event Date that Conga Contracts will send a reminder event alert when the event is still open.
  • Reminder Date - field is auto-populated based on the values in the Reminder Days and Event Date field (Reminder Date = Event Date – Number of Reminder Days).
  • Reminder List - identify the individuals who will receive a reminder event alert for the upcoming event.
  • Reminder Message - review the message sent to those on the Reminder List.


Attached Documents section

View the documents that will be sent as attachments when event alerts (and reminder event alerts) are sent to the notification and reminder lists.


Download icon

Click Icon Download Document.png to download the document attached to the event alert.

M Subscribe toggle button

Click to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to an event.

Subscribing to an event entitles you to receive periodic Event Alert Notification Reports for the event.

N Mark Complete button Click to complete an event.
O Close Event Series button Click to close an event series (event that occurs on a regularly scheduled basis).
P Completion History button Click to review a completion history of the event.


Edit Event button

Click to edit the event.


Delete Event button

Click to delete the event.


Back to Browse button

Click to return to the Events screen.

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