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Completing an Event

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Once the task associated with an event is completed, you must mark the event as complete to ensure Conga Contracts does not continue sending email notifications for the event. However, marking an event as complete will only stop notifications if the frequency of the event is Single, indicating the event occurred only once. For events with a frequency of Monthly or Yearly, marking the event as complete will complete the most recent occurrence of the event, but Conga Contracts will continue to send email notifications for future occurrences of the event. To stop all email notifications for monthly and yearly events, you must close the entire series.

1.  Locate the event you want to complete in your Upcoming Events portlet, My Place Menu, or the Events screen in a Contract or Company Profile.

2.  Click the event record to display its Event Profile.

3.  In the Event Profile screen, click Mark Completed in the toolbar.

  For recurring events, marking the event as complete closes only the instance shown in the Event Profile. The remaining events remain open, and therefore, Conga Contracts will generate email notifications for future events.

4.  In the Event Completion prompt:

  • Enter information on completing the event in the Event Completion Notes field.
  • Click Submit.

After completing an event, you can view its completion history.