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Closing an Event Series

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

An event series is a set of recurring individual events that occur on a monthly or yearly basis, and generate email notifications for each event in the series. An event series can be closed after the last occurrence of the event has taken place, or any time before the last occurrence of the event.  Closing an event series ensures that Conga Contracts does not continue sending email notifications for future events in the series. To close only one event in a series, mark the event as complete so that Conga Contracts continues sending email notifications for future events. 

1.  Locate the event series you want to close in your Upcoming Events portlet, My Place Menu, or the Events screen in a Contract or Company Profile.

2.  Click the event record to display its Event Profile.

3.  In the Event Profile screen, click Close Event Series in the toolbar.

  To close a single event in a series, or to close an event with only once occurrence, use the mark as complete option.

4.  In the Close Event Series prompt, click Yes.

5.  In the Event Completion prompt:

  • Enter information on completing the series in the Event Completion Notes field.
  • Click Submit.

After closing an event series, you can view its completion history.