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Editing a Task

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You can edit a task by changing the task's description and updating the start date and/or due date. However, you cannot change the task owner (person originally assigned the responsibility of completing the task). As a workaround, the original task can be completed by the person who created the task, and then they could create a new task.

You can also edit a task by clicking a task record in the Upcoming Tasks portlet in your Dashboard, which will direct you to the Tasks screen in the Company, Contract, or Project Profile. 

1.  Open the Company, Contract, or Project Profile with the task that needs to be edited.

2.  In the Links section of the Profile, click the Tasks link.

3.  In the Tasks screen, locate the task by scrolling through the list or sorting the tasks.

4.  Update the information in any of the following fields for an existing task:

  • Task Subject - click in the field and type over the existing text.
  • Start Date and Due Date fields - click in the field and type over the existing date, or click to use the calendar to select the new date.

  The Task Owner, Task Created By, and Task Created On fields are not editable.

5. (Optional) Edit the tasks for a company, contract, or project by: