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Additional Forms Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

An additional form is used to capture supplemental information for a company, contract, or project that is not captured in the default Profile. An additional form typically contains two or more fields, and you can add the form to a Company, Contract, or Project Profile by providing the information requested by the form. If an additional form is required, you will receive constant reminders that the form is "missing" until you complete it by providing the required information. If the form is optional, it can be accessed by clicking on the Additional Forms link in the Company, Contract, or Project Profile.

An example of contract additional form would be a Milestone form that captures the date on which a milestone was completed and identifies the contract milestone. An example of a company additional form would be a Certification form that captures the type of certification awarded and the expiration date for the certification.

If additional forms exist for a Contract, Company, or Project Profile, you can perform the following tasks: