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Flows Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Flows feature is an automated version of Workflows since you do not have to add a flow to a Contract, Company, or Project Profile. Instead, the steps in the flow automatically display when you add a new profile that matches the conditions defined by the flow. In addition to steps, a flow also uses stages to clearly identify the phases of the process or procedure for the contract, company, or project. The stages and steps in a flow display at the top of the profile, and are grayed out as they are completed, so that you always know what action needs to be taken to move the flow to the next step or stage. To get an overview of the entire flow process, you can display a profile's Flow Diagram, which provides a graphical representation of the flow.

A flow can contain up to four types of steps: (1) Action, which requires you to accomplish a task before completing the step (2) Communication, which requires you to send an email message before completing the step (3) Approval, which requires you to approve/decline the step in order to complete it, and (4) Launch Workflow, which runs the Workflow Wizard, allowing you to select the team to complete the steps in a pre-defined workflow that is then added to the profile. 

A contract flow can contain two additional types of steps: (1) Create, which runs the Creation Wizard, allowing you to select the template to use in creating the contract, which is then stored in the Documents screen in the Profile, and (2) Launch eSignature, which runs the eSignature Package Wizard, allowing you to send a document for electronic signature.

You can manually start a flow in an existing Contract, Company, or Project profile if you have the Flow Administrator permission.   

In working with a contract, company, or project flow, you can perform the following tasks: