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Scorecards Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Scorecards feature polls users on the performance of a contract, company, or project. Administrators with the Scorecard Admin permission can create and link a scorecard to specific Contract, Company, or Project Profile types and/or groups, so that when a user adds a Contract, Company, or Project Profile and assigns it to a type or group that is linked to a scorecard, the scorecard is available to be added to the Profile. 

A user can assign an available scorecard to anyone in the Address Book The user can also choose the date the scorecard is made available. On the selected date, Conga Contracts sends out an email message to each person, notifying him/her that they have been selected to complete the scorecard. The email message contains a link to the Conga Contracts Portal where they can complete the scorecard.

The current scorecard rating for a Contract, Company, or Project Profile is displayed numerically in a color-coded score box ( ) located in the upper right corner of the Profile header. This rating is calculated by Conga Contracts and reflects the average of all the scorecard values listed in the Scorecards screen. Score boxes are color-coded, depending on the average rating of all completed scorecards: 81-100 = green, 61-80 = yellow, 41-60 = orange, and 0-40 = red.

The following tasks and informational topics are available for a contract, company, and project scorecard: