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Completing a Scorecard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

When you are selected to complete a Contract, Company, or Project scorecard, you will receive an email notification from Conga Contracts. 

  • The email message for a Contract Scorecard contains three links: (1) Fill Out Scorecard link that takes you directly to the scorecard, which is displayed in a Portal screen that does not require any login credentials.  (2) Go To Company Profile link that takes you to the Company Profile in case you want to review any of the company information before completing the scorecard. (3) Go To Contract Profile link that takes you to the Contract Profile if you want to review the contract document before completing the scorecard.
  • The email message for a Company Scorecard contains two links: Fill Out Scorecard and Go To Company Profile. Similarly, the email for a Project Scorecard also contains two links: Fill Out Scorecard and Go To Project Profile.

  Conga Contracts users can also complete a scorecard from the Contract Profile, Company Profile, or Project Profile by clicking the Scorecards link to display the Scorecards browse screen.  In the browse screen, click on the scorecard you want to complete to display its Profile screen. In the Profile screen, click   in the By Members section of the screen to jump to the Portal containing the scorecard questions.

1.  From the email notification, click the Fill Out Scorecard link.

The subject of the email message is Conga Contracts Contract Manager Scorecard Request.

2.  In the Conga Contracts Portal, click inside the radio button to select your response to each question.

3.  (Optional) Review the instruction or information displayed in gray text directly beneath each question if you need assistance with a question (or statement).

4.  (Optional) Enter information to support, or explain, your response in the corresponding Notes field.

5.  Click Submit.

  • Click Cancel to complete the scorecard at a later date.
    • Reopen the scorecard from the Fill Out Scorecard link in your email message or by logging into Conga Contracts. However, any responses you make are not saved between sessions.