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Conga Support

Adding a Member to a Scorecard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A user with the appropriate permissions can assign additional people to complete a scorecard, which will affect the overall rating for the contract, company, or project. A user can also add themselves as a scorecard member in the event they were not initially included.

Before assigning another person the responsibility of completing a scorecard, it is recommended that you change the scorecard's start date. Otherwise, the email request to complete the scorecard will not be sent to the new member if the original start date has already passed.

  Although the Contract Profile is used in the example below, the same steps also apply to adding a member to a scorecard in a Company Profile and Project Profile.

1. Open the Contract Profile containing the scorecard that needs a new member.

2.  In the Links section of the Profile screen, click the Scorecards link.

3.  In the Scorecards screen, locate the scorecard, and click on it to display its Profile screen.

4.  In the Scorecard Profile screen, click Add Scorecard Member in the toolbar.

5.  In the Address Book:

  • Select the additional member(s) you want to complete the scorecard.  Members may be users, company people, external people, or a distribution list.
    • Use the Search option to locate a person or distribution list, or scroll/page through the Address Book.
  • Click Submit.