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Processing Document Clauses

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: Clause ID and Management Add-on module

Processing a document clause involves selecting a match between a clause in a document added to a Contract Profile and an existing clause type stored in the Conga Contracts Model. When you select a match, the language in the Model is updated in accordance with the clause language in your contract document.

Clause processing can be activated when a document is uploaded, document is added upon approval of a contract request, document is created using the Creation Wizard, document is added to the eSignature or Document Package Wizard, and when an existing document in the a Contract Profile has its document type changed to one of those identified for clause analysis.

When a document is added to a Contract Profile, and its document type matches one of those selected for clause analysis, the following message displays if you have permission to process the clauses in the document.

  1. Click OK.

  2. Click on Click here to process

  3. Locate the clause you want to process, and hover over it to display the clause text against a blue background.

  4. Click in the blue background to display a clause type list, and select the correct match.

   If Conga Contracts detects a match between the clause language in your document and the language stored in Conga Contracts, a clause type is appended with a percentage match. If an 80% or better match is detected, Conga Contracts automatically selects the clause type for you and displays "System Added Description." 

5. If the clause contains more than one paragraph of text, and you want to process the paragraphs individually, click Break Apart.

6. Process the individual paragraphs in the clause.

7. Click Save.

  View your processed clauses by clicking on the Clauses link in the Contract Profile.