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User Permissions

This page applies to: Conga Contracts for Salesforce

Conga Contracts for Salesforce connects to your Salesforce organization using the credentials of a user that you choose. It is therefore limited by the permissions granted by that user. The setup page will inspect the permissions of your user and provide a warning if any required permissions are missing.

A Permission Set is provided with the package that grants the required Field and Object permissions needed. If this is applied to all Conga Contracts for Salesforce users, the required and recommended permissions will be satisfied.

 You are not required to use the provided Permission Set or a System Administrator Profile if the permissions outlined below are granted to the necessary users.

System Permissions

  • API Enabled
  • View Setup
  • Customize Application
  • Tabs
    • APXT_Redlining__Setup


  • Contract (Read, Edit)
  • EmailMessage (Create, Read)


  • Contract.Contract_Family_Parent__c (Read, Edit)
  • Contract.Contract_Family_Root__c (Read, Edit)
  • Contract.Primary_Document_Title__c (Read, Edit)
  • Contract.Primary_Document__c (Read, Edit)
  • EmailMessage.Attached_Contract_Documents__c (Read, Edit)

Apex Classes

  • APXT_Redlining__apxt_constants
  • APXT_Redlining__apxt_emailMessageComplete
  • APXT_Redlining__apxt_utilities
  • APXT_Redlining__apxt_herokuConnect

Visualforce Pages

  • APXT_Redlining__Apxt_herokuConnect

Additional System Permissions Recommended

  • Modify All Data

Salesforce best practices for integration users also calls limiting the user with API only access. This can be accomplished by logging in as the user and connecting to Conga Contracts for Salesforce before applying the API only configuration. For more information about Salesforce integration user best practices, see the following:

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