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Create Composer Button to Generate Document for Conga Contracts for Salesforce

This page applies to: Conga Contracts for Salesforce

Create a Composer button that generates the initial document that is negotiated using Conga Contracts for Salesforce. This Composer solution:

  • Use Conga Queries to gather Managed Clauses (Business Edition and up).
  • Include the DataTagEnable parameter to ensure changes can be tracked and synced back to Salesforce.
  • Generate the document in Microsoft Word and attach it to Salesforce Files for the Master Object (for example: Contracts).
  • (Optional) Use the WPD parameter and Textbox special merge field to ensure only certain fields are editable.

To create a Composer button:

  1. Create Composer button on the object(s) you are using with Conga Contracts for Salesforce (for example, Contracts, Quotes, Opportunities) and add it to the Page Layout.

    Walk Through Creating a Composer Button for Contracts
    Creating a Composer Button for Contracts
    Pages: 2
  2. Create Conga Queries to gather Managed Clauses (Business Edition and up) and any other related data you want to merge into your document.

 You must include the ID field for each relevant object in the Select statement of your query.

Creating Conga Queries for Contracts
Pages: 3
  • Using SOQL Queries with Conga Composer
    In addition to using Salesforce® reports to gather information from Salesforce, you may also use Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) queries stored in the Conga® Query Manager.
  • Adding an Alias
    How to add an alias. The alias name becomes the dataset name in Template Builder.
  • QueryID
    Retrieves the SOQL query stored in the specified Salesforce record, executes the SOQL query and makes the SOQL query results available through a dataset as seen on the Template Builder window.

An example query to gather Managed Clauses (Business Edition and up) on the Contract object:

SELECT APXT_Redlining__Latest_Revision_Text__c, Id, APXT_Redlining__Order__c
FROM APXT_Redlining__Managed_Clause__c
WHERE Parent_800__c='{pv0}'
ORDER BY APXT_Redlining__Order__C ASC

The WHERE clause should reference the Key Prefix of the object you are using with Conga Contracts for Salesforce.

  1. Build your Composer template and upload to the Conga Template Manager.
    Creating a Word Template for Contracts
    Pages: 5

    It may be helpful to turn on Track Changes in your Word template so that it is already on when the counter-party receives the document.

  2. Add additional parameters to the Composer button URL: &DataTagEnable=1 and &DS7=11
    Adding Parameters for Contracts
    Pages: 2
    • DataTagEnable
      Parameter used with Conga Contracts.
    • DS7
      A parameter that enables merge operations to occur in the background.

    ​​​​​​Below is an example Composer button URL for a button on the Contracts Object.  This button generates the document (including merging the Managed Clauses) and attaches it to Salesforce Files for the Master Object. It does so in Background Mode.