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Clause Playbook

This page applies to: Conga Contracts for Salesforce

     The Clause Playbook is supported with Composer generated documents only.

What is the Clause Playbook?

You can store alternate versions of commonly negotiated clauses in the Clause Library so that your front-line sales representatives can negotiate documents with your own clients using pre-approved legal language. If your client proposes a change to a clause for which alternatives to that clause exist in the library, you can swap the existing clause in the document with another clause from the library and keep the negotiation progressing without involving other teams, like your legal term.

You can perform many clause replacements in a single document version so that you can respond to multiple redlines at once and not create unnecessary file versions in the repository.

You can replace clauses in the negotiating document with alternates from the library without having to leave the Conga Contracts for Salesforce Salesforce user interface.

To use the clause playbook:

  1. When you see a client or counter party has replied to an email with proposed redlines to the contract, click View Redlines to enter the document comparison mode.
  2. If the counter-party has redlined a standard clause in your contract, you can click Negotiate to access the clause playbook in order to propose an alternate version to the client.
  3. When you enter Negotiate mode, click on the clause you want to replace in the tree view located on the left of the user interface.
  4. The clause playbook interface is a pop-over card that hovers above the document and automatically scrolls the document to the correct location. You can filter the clause selection with either a free text search or a clause type pick list.
  5. After selecting the appropriate clause, click Replace to add a warning icon beside the clause in the tree view. The warning indicates there is a pending action that needs attention.
  6. Click Save & Download, which will save a new version to the Salesforce Files repository and download a version to your browser. If you download the document to your browser, you can attach that file to an existing email chain.