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Conga Support

Courier Schedules: Basic Settings

You set up a Courier Schedule on the Courier Schedules tab.

To set up a Courier Schedule:

  1. Click the Courier Schedules tab. 

  2. Click New to create a Courier Schedule record.


    You choose the report and recipients after the Schedule was saved.

  3. Complete the sections to set up your schedule.

    For the first schedule, the configuration available to users of Professional, Enterprise and Performance (Unlimited) Salesforce Editions is used.


  4. Click Save.

Now that you’ve saved the Schedule record, you can select a report, test the schedule, and then add the production recipients.

Once your Conga Courier schedule is complete, it will be processed according to the schedule you defined. The report runs under the authority of the credentials you entered on the Setup page.

For details on how to run the report under the authority of others, see Advanced Configuration for Enterprise and Performance (Unlimited) Editions.