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Conga Support

Monitoring Conga Courier Utilization

Conga Courier is installed with five standard reports you may use to monitor the system. These reports are stored in the Conga Courier Activity (Installed Package Conga Courier) reports folder.

All five reports can be customized to meet your needs by making changes and saving new copies of the reports. You may also wish to build new reports to address other purposes. Use these reports as a starting point for specialized reports that meet the needs of your organization.

Report Description and Use
Approx. Executions Per Month (Active)

Provides an approximation of the total number of times per month Courier will automatically generate and send reports; this is key to keeping your costs under control. This is an approximation, not a precise count, which would require elaborate calculations taking into account weekends, months with more or less days than others, etc.

Planning Ahead A field on each Conga Courier schedule is set by the Courier service with an approximation of the number of times in an average month that the schedule will execute. The values of these fields are summarized in the first report (Approx. Executions Per Month (Active)), listed above. Use this report to keep track of the total number of reports being generated each month, and adjust your subscription plan accordingly.

Courier Schedules Run by Month

Tracks the actual number of times reports are generated and emailed.

Courier Schedules Run by Report

Tracks the actual number of times reports are generated and emailed.

Large Account Update

This report is included as a sample report.  You may customize this report to suit your needs and use it in a Courier Schedule.

Schedules that Failed at Last Execution

Reports on failures, typically the result of failing to select a report or recipients, the deletion of a report, etc.