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About Conga Courier

Conga Courier® lets you go beyond simple Salesforce® report delivery to automatically send an unlimited number of individual, custom-defined report emails to people inside and outside of your organization.

Reports are queued 15 minutes before the top of the hour.

Reports are delivered at the top of the hour.

Conga Courier is a service comprised of multiple processes, including scheduling, report generation, emailing, and activity logging. Performing these processes separately allows for the maximum allocation of resources to the actual generation and emailing of reports.

The 15 minutes prior to the top of the hour (for example, the time between 7:45 am and 8:00 am) is reserved for the queuing process, during which Conga Courier will inspect your Salesforce instance to identify any scheduled reports and the desired recipients. Changes made to schedules during this period may not take effect until the next scheduled execution of the report.

During this period, all Conga Courier Schedule records will be updated to reflect the next scheduled Run Date.

All reports are scheduled to be generated and emailed starting at the top of hour. Depending on the number of customers with reports scheduled at a given time, the size of reports and number of recipients, the delivery of reports may be delayed by some minutes. Conga strives for the timely generation and sending of reports through constant monitoring of its systems and the deployment of additional system resources as it deems necessary to ensure reasonably timely delivery.

Single sign-on is not supported in Courier.