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Conga Support

Install and Deploy Conga Courier

You can find the Conga Courier® app from the Salesforce® AppExchange. Follow the instructions below to download and install Conga Courier into your production Salesforce instance or sandbox.

To install Conga Courier:

  1. Click the appropriate link to install Conga Courier in your Salesforce environment.

  2. Log in to the AppExchange using your Salesforce credentials.

  3. Select the appropriate option, depending on whether you wish to install Conga Courier in your production or sandbox instance of Salesforce.

  4. Read and agree to the terms and conditions, then click Install!

  5. Enter your Salesforce Username and Password (for the instance in which you’re installing – production or sandbox)

  6. Choose a security level. For most installations, the Salesforce system administrator is the only one who requires access to the application. You can expand access, if desired, to other authorized users at a later date.

  7. Click Install.

Installation is complete.

To get started, click the app menu and choose Conga Courier.

See Configure Conga Courier for Your Organization for next steps.