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Conga Support

I expected to receive a Conga Courier report, but it never arrived

Many factors can affect whether a report can be delivered. Try checking the following items:

Courier Setup Page:

  • Is Courier enabled?
  • Have valid credentials been entered?
  • Has your trial expired?
  • Did your Courier schedule get caught by a spam filter?

Courier Schedule:

  • Is the schedule enabled?
  • Have you selected a report for your schedule?
  • Have you selected recipients? Courier requires at least one recipient.
  • Perform a Test Run. With only yourself as the recipient, click Test Run. Does this work?
  • Clear the Next Run Date field. Clearing the value in this field will cause the Courier Server to re-evaluate the schedule.
  • Does the report still exist? Click the View Report button to ensure the report still exists.
  • Check the Activity History of the schedule... it may offer clues as to what may have gone wrong.

Workflow Rules / Outbound Messages (Enterprise / Unlimited Edition Only):

  • Has the Workflow Rule been activated?
  • Does the Workflow Rule have the correct Rule Criteria?
  • Is the Workflow Rule's Evaluation Criteria set to "Every time a record is created or edited"?
  • Does each Outbound Message contain the correct Endpoint URL for the Courier Server Listener Service?
  • Does each Outbound Message have "Include Session ID" enabled?