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Merge Template with E-Signature Information

  Mix is actively supported, although it is no longer available for purchase. 

Merge Template with E-Signature Creation

This document only covers the steps to set up E-Signers on templates; to find information on basic template setup, go to the User Instructions document.

Below the Set Merge Template Details section, select a provider from the E-Sign Provider field in the E-Signature: Configuration section.

Selecting a provider will add fields for setting information on the signer email as well as notification schedules and document expirations. Each E-Sign Provider asks for different information and the E-Signature: Configuration section is configured to change fields based on the provider selected.

All providers will have a section for signer information. There are sections for each signer where the authentication method and signer information is configured.

  • Authentication Options
    • The Signer Object field determines what object will be referenced when pulling information for each signer’s fields.
      • Target Object supplies fields that match the target record
      • Options starting with Lookup will pull fields from the id referenced in the listed lookup field. The object name is in parentheses.
      • Options starting with Child will pull fields from the user or contact used in the related object. If a child object is selected, a Roles dropdown will appear. This allows selection of a single role that will be used to find the information to populate the signer fields. Only the first record of that role will be selected.
        • Current valid child objects
          • Account Team
          • Opportunity Team
          • Related Contact (Account)
          • Related Contact (Opportunity)
      • Executing User supplies fields from the user object that match the user that executes the template.
      • Specific User supplies fields from the user object that match the user id that is selected in the lookup field that appears next to the Signer Object field.
    • Authentication Method determines how the user will prove their identity in order to sign the document. The values vary between provider. Based on the method, fields that ask for user information will follow. In the case of Signix, some Authentication Methods give the option to supply questions for users to answer. The answer can either be a field value or manually input.
    • The View Only checkbox specifies if the signer must merely view the document instead of signing it.
  • Information
    • The information section contains fields like First NameLast Name, and others.
    • First Name and Last Name are the only required fields in this section.
    • In the case of DocuSign, the Private Message field will allow a message to that specific signer only as part of the email notification for signature.

New signers can be added by clicking the Add Signer button located below all the signer sections and removed by clicking the corresponding Remove Signer button located at the bottom of the signer information section for the order of signer to be removed.

Once signers are set up, the yellow header under each respective Authentication Options header holds the syntax for each signer to add signature, initial, and date signed fields to the template.

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