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Enter Quik Credentials

Since this application interfaces with Quik! the first thing to do is save your Quik! credentials in Mix on the Mix Settings and Integration Credentials tab.

Credentials can be set at the Organization Default, Profile and User level. Any user can enter their Quik! credentials at the User level but only Profiles with the Edit Org Default Partner Credentials custom permission can set credentials at the Org Default and Profile levels. See the Salesforce Help Documentation for how to enable custom permissions in profiles.

  1. Choose from the dropdown for which level you would like to edit the credentials (A). For users whose profile does not have the Edit Org Default Partner Credentials custom permission enabled this dropdown will not be visible and they will only be able to edit their credentials at the User level.
  2. Enter the credentials as you received them from Quik! (B).
  3. To save and test that you have entered your credentials correctly, click the Save and Test Quik Credentials button (C). A message will appear at the top of the screen indicating whether the credentials are valid or not.

For information about the DocuSign settings on this page see Quik’s E-Sign Integration.

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