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Customer View

  Mix is actively supported, although it is no longer available for purchase. 

Customer View allows an external view to the generated forms. This is useful if you need to collect more information from a client before sending the forms to DocuSign.

Step 1 - Create New Site 

Edit section

In setup, Quick Find for “sites” and click the Sites link in the Develop section.

Click New to create a new site and enter the following information.

Make a note of the Default Web Address, you will need the full address (starting with http://) in a later step. Click save when done.

Step 2 - Add Pages to Site

On the Site Details page, in the Site Visualforce Pages section, click edit.

On the next screen, add these two pages to the Enabled Visualforce Pages section (if you set the CustomerView page as the Active Site Home Page in the previous step, it will already be enabled on this screen):

Click Save when finished.

Step 3 - Change Profile Settings 

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On the Site Details page, click the Public Access Settings button.

Click the Edit button to edit the profile settings. Find (Ctrl-F) for Custom Object Permissions on the page. Check the Read and Edit checkboxes for Merge Histories.

Step 4 - Tell Mix About Your New Site 

Edit section

On the Forms Settings tab > Settings tab edit the Customer View Settings at the bottom.

The Domain is Default Web Address from step 1. Enter an Email Subject and Email Message for the email that will go to the client that will contain the url and verification code. Make sure the Hide Email Button checkbox is unchecked. Click Save at the top of the page when done.

To direct a client to the Customer View page, on the forms screen, click the Email button.

Enter their Name, Email address and a Verify Code in the popup, then click Send.

The client will get an email that looks something like this:

The subject of the email and the message (“View and complete forms at the follow url:” in this example) will be the same as you entered in the Customer View Settings in step 4.

When the client clicks the link, they will be prompted to enter the verify code you entered in the Email popup.

The client will then be able to edit the data in the forms with the options to either Download the forms as a PDF or send the forms to DocuSign.

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