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Security Using Permission Sets

Use Permission Sets to easily assign security settings for Conga Orchestrate users. For more information on Permission Sets visit the Permission Sets Overview Help article.

Conga Orchestrate comes with two Permission Sets you can use: Conga Orchestrate Standard User and Conga Orchestrate Administrative User. The Conga Orchestrate Standard User Permission Set is for your end users (people kicking off or participating in processes) and the Conga Orchestrate Administrative User Permission Set is for users creating processes as well as participating in them. During upgrades, Conga Orchestrate assigns these Permission Sets to users based on their Salesforce Profile. When you add new users between releases, you manually assign the appropriate Permission Set to each user.

To assign Conga Orchestrate security using Permission Sets:

  1. In Setup, use the Quick Find and type Permission Sets.
  2. Select Permission Sets.
  3. Select the Conga Orchestrate Standard User permission set.
  4. Select the Manage Assignments button.
  5. Select the Add Assignments button.
  6. Select the checkbox next to all users you desire to add to this permission set and select the Assign button.
  7. Select Done.
  8. Repeat these steps for the Conga Orchestrate Administrative User permission set.
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