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Adding Canceled to Task's Status Picklist

Using criteria you define, Conga Orchestrate creates Tasks as part of a process. Subsequent Steps are created as previous ones complete. If the Step creates a Task, Conga Orchestrate uses the completion of the Task to determine when to move to the next Step.

Use the following instructions to add Canceled to the Task's Status Picklist with a Closed value so Conga Orchestrate knows if a Task is set to "Canceled", it should either stop the process or create the next step (as determined in the Definition).

 The steps below also apply when using Closed Status values other than Completed when Managing the Status of a Step with an Approval. (e.g., Approved and Rejected).

  1. In Setup, use the Quick Find and type Task Fields.
  2. Select Status.
  3. In the Task Status Picklist Values section, click New.
  4. Type Canceled and click the Save button.
  5. In the Task Status Picklist Values section, select Edit next to the Canceled value.
  6. Select the Closed checkbox and click the Save button.
  7. Scroll down to the Task Status Picklist Values and verify the Canceled value equals Closed.