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Creating a Master Page Layout

Create a Master Page Layout (template) with the following fields (Contact, Account, Due Date, and Subject) and any other fields you desire. After creating a master Page Layout, you can copy (Save As or clone) it every time you need to create a new page layout and eliminate the need to start from scratch.

  1. In Setup, navigate to the custom object for which the master page layout is needed.
  2. Select the Page Layouts link or scroll down to that frame.
  3. Select the New button.
  4. Leave the Existing Page Layout as None.
  5. Enter *Master Page Layout in the Page Layout Name field and select the Save button.
  6. Note: The asterisk (*) enables this Page Layout Name to always appear at the top of the list.

  7. Drag and drop the Fields, Buttons, and Related Lists to the location you desire and select the Save button.
    • Add Contact, Account, Due Date, Subject as well as any other fields you want future page layouts to have as default
    • Add the Open Activities, Activity History, and Notes & Attachments related lists
    • Add the Process Visual and Process Details buttons