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Conga Support

Financial Services Cloud Setup

Required if Conga Orchestrate is not installed:

  1. Install Conga Orchestrate from the AppExchange listing. (If you want to install in a sandbox choose that option after clicking Get It Now.)
  2. Grant Access to All Users.
  3. After package install, follow Basic Setup. Assign security using Permission Sets.
  1. Install the Conga Orchestrate Financial Services Cloud Extension Package via the appropriate link.
    1. Production
    2. Sandbox
    3. For either case, Grant Access to All Users
  2. Documentation. There are few specific Financial Services Cloud setup items below. Note that if some of the setup screenshots in the documentation reference classic setup pages; it may make sense to switch to Classic when following those setup steps below.
  3. Navigate to (Lightning Setup Pages) Setup Home->Objects and Fields->Object Manager->Business Process->Buttons Links and Actions->Click the down arrow next to New->Edit->Select Standard Page->Click Save
  4. Navigate to (Lightning Setup Pages) Setup Home->Objects and Fields->Object Manager->Account->Page Layouts->Account(Individual) Layout
    1. Make sure that none of the Related Lists referenced in step 3 of this guide are added to this page layout. As long as the Contact (Individual) Layout is configured per our documentation in step 3 of this guide the related lists will show up on the Account (Individual) Layout in lightning
  5. Note that when creating page layouts on the Business Process object include the New Task (FSC) and New Event (FSC) custom actions so that you can create manual Tasks and Events correctly from a Business Process record. In addition, set the Account field to required on all Business Process Page layouts
    1. Navigate to the Conga Orchestrate Setup tab to Disable Setting Account Lookup. This will force your users to select the appropriate Account (Household or Business) when executing Business Processes.
    2. Navigate to Conga Orchestrate Setup tab
    3. Scroll down to the Disable Functionality section
    4. Check the box next to “Disable Setting Account Lookup”
    5. Click Save